How to design a client-generating strategy that works (for you)

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Let’s build on what I talked about last week and actually build a strategy that will actually work for your business.

A strategy is a series of actions you take with a specific goal in mind.

So for example, a list building strategy could be an opt-in you created. This is a high-value activity that will help build your list.

Once you have a strategy for building your list or your social media profile you ALSO need to do something for creating customers.

It’s important to note that you do NOT NEED social media in order to build a client-generating strategy. In fact, I know plenty of my businesses (including my own) that don’t have huge social media thumbprints but still do well because that’s not the strategy.

(Remember what I said about doing what works for you?)

Client-generating strategies vary according to industry. I’ve really made it a goal to not just speak to my fellow business bros here and so this advice is meant to help you discover what will work for YOUR BUSINESS and not everyone else.

Sometimes these strategies flow together but other times, these strategies get employed on different platforms.

Think of your client-generating strategy as a series of steps, almost like a mad-lib

When ________does __________and then ___________happens. They read/experience___________and then ___________which leads them to ___________and buy.

Getting someone on your list is just part #1 of the story as you can see.

Here is an example of a strategy designed to get people on the list and then create customers (this is the paid version, btw)

Alfred decides he wants to sell his own ball product line. In order to get people to buy his balls (hehehehe), he decides to write a series blog posts about games to play with dog owners. On the bottom of each blog post in this series, he has a special opt-in, a coupon for 10% off the first order.

It works and people get on the list! YAY! From there, Alfred decides to create a special Facebook ad that JUST targets the people who have opted in to the list, featuring a brand new ball that just got announced. That way the person who just got their coupon for that first order sees the ad and it encourages the sale.

Oh! And since Alfred is extra fancy -- if the person clicks and doesn’t buy he sends another incentive like free shipping or another article or post about why these balls really matter.

That is what a client-generating strategy looks like. Instead of just writing a blog post and hoping that eventually they’ll buy -- someday -- you create a nurture system that actually gets the job done.


Any platform that has you interacting with your audience in some way will work. Instead of running an ad, Alfred could have funneled people into his Instagram feed and sold to them there by offering lots of freebies and keeping up the engagement.

Alfred could have hosted a webinar on dog behavior and how playing with balls helps alleviate stress and what-not.

You just have to construct a story or experience that you can  feed consistently. If you decide to do FB live as your main driver (I don’t suggest it), you need to make sure they happen on a regular basis.

Let’s use Facebook groups as an example. Everyone keeps suggesting Facebook groups as a viable strategy but a lot of these groups get joined just because they are free and not because of any implied value or investment.

In fact, a lot of people join Facebook groups to sell their shit soooo……

These Facebook groups also take a lot of time and effort to maintain and the real big results only happen because of high numbers or to support existing business building systems. It might work but “Facebook group” isn’t really a strategy, is just a place for people to hang out.

I mean it when I say that you can do whatever you want. I know people who are crushing it on Google +, it’s just about consistency.

Now over to you, does this give you any ideas of ways you can sell your products and services? What ways do you like to communicate with people?

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