How to Embrace Your Not so Perfect Business


Let’s talk shitty first businesses.

Your business is not going to be everything you could have ever wanted the first time around.

The end. Story over. Technically, you can stop reading now.

I know you don’t believe me, though. You don’t actually believe that your business won’t be awesome to begin with because there are lots of people who have picture perfect businesses right out the gate. “But SHENEE! Stacey made six figures and six months and her husband looked like Matt Damon in 1998.”

I knowwww. I knowww. Matt Damon in 1998 is pretty amazing. I am also partial to Denzel Washington in 1989.

And 90’s Keanu Reeves.


But guess what? Most likely there is a shitty draft business SOMEWHERE out there. They just don’t talk about it.

Insider’s secret about some of these stories: a LOT of this women are industry jumpers. They have successful businesses in other similar industries and jump to this one. Shhhh, don’t telllll.

But because we see never see the bad stuff, it is easily to feel like you are notALLOWED to have a draft business. And I hate that.

In college, our teacher assigned us Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. She has a fantastic essay called "Shitty First Drafts." I reread it and realized how similar business is to writing.

This happens to me all the time with my own writing. I love writing of course. I love to read and get lost in other stories so when it comes time to put my story out there, I want to give other people that same feeling of excitement.

And that is a LOT of pressure. For me and my writing that sometimes means spending a lot of time PLANNING to write. Lots of outlines, notes and ideas happen, but not a lot of actually writing. But then something magical happens when I actually start to write. Unanswered questions become answered. New directions reveal themselves. Major plot points become more real.

You can’t know where you are going to go without getting out of the planning stage and actually doing. -- Tweet this.

I am sure this happens with your business too. You have all these intentions for what you want to happen and what you think you believe to be true about yourself and the work you want to do. It NEVER stays that way.

We learn, we change, we work harder. We discover what we like and what we don't like. We screw up.

Businesses are stories that we create. In order to get really good, we need to get through those sh*tty first drafts -- Tweet this.

No one creates a perfectly polished story. It takes work. It takes revising. I'll use myself as an example. I started my business as a resume designer and writer. Can you imagine if I spent 1-2 years planning to be a resume designer, doing it for a few months and then changing to something else? What a huge waste of time, right? And it didn’t stop with resumes. I designed websites. I had a career as an e-book designer. I wrote copy for tech companies. I wrote digital products for other people.

My business has been through so many drafts; it's unbelievable. So many shitty first drafts.

And a lot of the times, it really sucked. I've bombed launches. I've tanked with clients. All that fun stuff HAS to happen.

That is why it is called business growth. Businesses GROW. They have to. They don’t just arrive fully formed and six figures profitable.

Nobody shits a six figure business. -- Tweet this.

With every failure and success, I revised and edited the story of my business and kept going. And here is the crazy part: I am still working on it. I still don't have all the answers. So what keeps me going? I want this. Really bad.

This is what I have realized: You have to believe in the story you are creating. If you don't, you won't be able to survive those shitty drafts -- Tweet this.

If you feel like you are going nowhere fast and don't WANT to keep going, you might be writing the wrong story. Time to go back to the drawing board and start the rewrite.

If you are unhappy with your business, know that you CAN change it. You can always make changes. In fact, you should. Don't feel attached to a bad draft. That mindset KILLS stories.

This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about for all of you. Are you making the right business happen? Are you doing what you really want to do or are you doing all this prep for a business that isn’t even a right fit for you? I have some stuff coming really soon to help you figure all of this out.If you are not already, make sure you are on the list so you can get it!