How To Find Your Next Favorite (Paying) Client

CLIENT How do you actually find clients? Does it feel like the only people you see or talk to are other business owners? That’s not by accident. In this week’s podcast I’ll be tackling finding clients for the Woo Boss.

In this podcast, you’ll learn: -why it feels like the only target market you have to choose from is other business owners -the 1 habit all woo bosses should start if they want to get 2 more clients each week -where your clients most likely hang out and why it’s not where you think -the one mindset shift to take if you want to start seeing clients everywhere

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Preview of this week's woo boss email:
Last week I talked about how I drastically shifted my business from where it was before to this new branded direction. This week I’m going to get into the nitty gritty of what that meant behind-the-scenes. 
What are we going to do with the brand chemistry quiz? 
This goes to a bigger question. What do you do with something big that you’ve worked really hard to develop and build but isn’t 100% in alignment with your new direction? 
The brand chemistry quiz isn’t something I have to get rid of completely but it’s not what i want my whole brand direction to be about. 
I needed to figure out a way to keep brand chemistry without it overwhelming my big message and focus. I also wanted to figure out a way to still sell Brand Chemistry and not have it confuse people. 
Oh and I needed to do a lot of rebuilding of my audience and list while all this happened AND I wanted to just use FREE promotion (no facebook ads) to do it. 
Here we go….
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