How To Get Clients on Facebook Groups and Forums



So how do you get a new client? What makes people choose YOU over the million other people doing the same thing as you?

If you are in business, you are most likely a part of a forum or a group where there are lots of potential clients just waiting to work with you. Often times in these forums, people post questions asking for advice or help.


I find that the response always goes a little something like this:


I can help! Email me!


Let’s talk about why this does not work.

1. Most people hate sending emails, especially emails for the first point of contact. It’s awkward and it takes too long to figure out what to say.

2. How can you help me? Why do I think YOU can help me?

3. Do NOT make prospective clients contact you if you are answering them personally. It makes the other person feel like they are not actually important to them. Let me repeat this. Do NOT ask people to email YOU if they want your help and you are responding to their posts. 


We are going to use my experience looking for a health coach this week as our model.


Ok, let’s look at my post where I clearly outlined what I was looking for:



Let’s pretend that you are a coach and you see my post and decide that you can help me. What do you do next?

Apply your point-of-view to MY problem


Point-of-view is SO important because it distinguishes you from other people. This is especially true for coaches. There are SO MANY COACHES out there. You need a voice to make your mark. 


Let’s compare approaches.


Hey Shenee, I can help! Email me!


Hey Shenee! I know exactly how you feel and I know I can help. I believe that it’s all about making small changes and creating simple (20 minutes or less) meals that will make it easy for you to eat well. I know that you are really busy and don’t have time to spend a lot of time thinking about what you are eating and when. You can check me out here.


Which one makes you want to get in touch? The second one, right?


How about this one?


Hey Shenee! I totally get it and I think it’s all about figuring out how to train your body to not even WANT the food. Can you imagine just saying NO to the pasta because you don’t want it? That is what I teach my clients to do.


This one is even better because she is using my language and pairing it with HER point-of-view.


You can even turn this information into a post that you create in a forum to attract clients and get people interested in what you do:

So, do you ever feel like you can NOT read another book or post about how to “eat well.” Are you overwhelmed with all of the options out there (so many FREAKIN’ recipes) so just decide to grab a pizza instead? Do you KNOW that you are overeating but can’t seem to stop?What if you could wake up everyday and have everything you need already ready for you to eat. What if you could eat just enough and avoid your daily date with your pepcid-ac? I can help! Check this out.


See how specific that is? If I saw that in the forum, I would stop and take notice because you would be telling me everything I need to know.


Need a point-of-view? Start by thinking about your beliefs. What do you believe? What do you know about your topic that they don’t know yet?


Action step: Practice this! If you see someone on facebook or on a forum complaining about something YOU can help with, couple your point-of-view with their pain points and see the difference it makes. Try to put your point-of-view in one sentence.


But of course, we just don't stop there.  That's not enough to get that new client. The next step is REACHING OUT. We will be covering that in the next post next week. Want to make sure you get it?  Be sure you are on my list. You'll be the first to know AND you'll get a free profitable branding course.


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