how to make your words MATTER (so that you can sell) + the instant “yes”

In the Lovebomb Biz Studio we have been playing a few fun games. My latest favorite is the GET REAL game. Here is how it works: You take a LOADED word that you use a lot (maybe it’s strategy or bliss or happy) and you get real and talk about what it looks and FEELS like.


Here is the problem we all make at one time or another: we rely too heavily on words that have open-ended definitions and as a result, no one knows what they mean!


Even I am guilty of this.


I use the word “copy” all the time and one of my lovebombers finally piped up and said: “what IS copy?”


So let’s experiment with this.


What feels juicier?


"I will write your copy."




"I will write the words that will help people understand who you are what you do and how you can help in an instant. Imagine having your perfect customer come to your site and feel that instant YES because your website speaks DIRECTLY to what they want and so they can’t HELP but buy."


Option 2, right?


Here is the honest to goodness truth: If you are relying on loaded words to sell your stuff you are making things much harder on yourself because those words could mean ANYTHING. Happiness has a million definitions. Strategy can mean a bunch of different things.


Take the time to BREAK DOWN your words and turn them into statements and stories that people can FEEL, SEE and EXPERIENCE.


We want people to have that instant “oh YEAH, I get it.”


This week’s GO GO GADGET challenge:


Break down one of your favorite words into a statement that helps people feel, see and experience what you do! We are creating a little dictionary over at the Lovebomb studio!


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