I2I Success Story: Melissa Cassera

Melissa is a PR SUPERSTAR AND A Idea to Income graduate! Today she is sharing her Idea to Income story. It's a good one! Yeahhh sold out!


Here's the sales page/landing page (http://www.make-headlines.com)



Why did you decide to take Idea to Income? While I've launched many things in the past 7 years, it's always hard to create "space" to launch something new. It always feels like drudgery, and I'm constantly second guessing my decisions and launch plan.

My theme for 2013 is "Create" and Idea to Income proved the perfect opportunity to make space and create a class that I've taught in fragments for several years and piece it all together into something juicy + awesome. What were some of the tangible results of the class?

I launched my DIY PR class - Make Headlines - a few weeks after I took Idea to Income and officially had 87 paying members, which is just shy of $13,000 in revenue (we just wrapped the class last week).

I also took Shenee's suggestion to create a free challenge prior to "launching." This netted me an additional 500+ people to my list and I decided to continue the challenge for the entire year so I'm consistently getting new sign-ups. Many of my challengers have already become students or hired me for private coaching. Plus, we have a total blast hanging in a strong community of people that want an irresistible business and have a mutual adoration for guilty pleasure TV.

I already have a waiting list of around 130 people for the next time I run Make Headlines live.

What changed for you and your business? The success and response to this class really gave me the confidence to move my entire business from 1:1 consulting into classes for small business owners who want to become totally irresistible to customers + the media. It's easy to do the revenue projections, and I now have a simple system to roll out new classes (I have 2 more classes launching this year plus a hot digital experience.)


What kind of skills did you learn in the class?

:: To create something for people to get them pumped and excited, but not to do an icky sales pitch at the end :: That if you put your mind to it, you can create a brand-new offer in one day. No more procrastination! :: That you don't have to follow the same old dumb-dumb rules for "launching" - you can make it your own, have fun, and pull in some awesome revenue


What was your favorite part of the class?

I really enjoyed the pre-work so once the class started, it was just about sharing + tweaking what I put together during the week prior. Then I was ready to rock + roll by the end of the day!

Anything you want to say to someone on the fence about taking Idea to Income?

DO IT!! I've taken tons of classes on launching and creating programs/offers. No one breaks it down as simple + easy as Shenee and puts it in a real "get shit done" format. Plus, Ryan Gosling is basically the class mascot, so....who doesn't want that?!?




You totally want in, right? This is your LAST CHANCE to get into Idea to Income, YA'LL. This is it.

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