maybe it's just the beginning

I began writing this a million times. Ok, maybe 5 times. But still, it felt like a million times. I wanted to write about the lessons I’ve learned, the things I won’t be doing and all of the grand sparkly plans for the new year. New year, new you stuff. But it isn’t really working.  

I have to admit my brain is spinning. We had a thing happened behind-the-scenes that left me feeling a little raw and well… without too much to say.


No worries. I’m ok. It’s over and I am feeling pretty free to celebrate the holidays now as I wanted to but I am SO appreciative because this experience gifted me with the best lesson of all:




Oh, sweet clarity. I can feel it in my bones, yo. The clarity of coming face-to-face with the pain (and awesomeness) that happens when you realize that there is still more to do. The sweet clarity of knowing that you’ve got something good but there is still something OH so great out there.


You know what I am talking about, right? You are doing your thing. Making sales. Writing posts. Doing what you are doing but then that thing happens and you realize:


Oh shiz. This is working. This is AWESOME but it’s NOT it. There is still more.


This feeling actually kind of sucks because it takes so much work to get anywhere in your business and it always feels like starting over again, right? So you avoid it. You pretend it didn’t happen. You make excuses. But in the back of your mind, you know.


2013 has been my business’s most successful year and I have helped SO many people but I realize that I’ve just brushed the surface and that SO much more is happening in 2014.


This change has already been happening with my business but the shift feels even more permanent now, like it’s been tattooed into my skin.


So today I am inviting you to embrace that feeling. Recognize it. See it.


And know that it’s not going away anytime soon.


Not until you do something about it.


So as we go into the new years, I want you to relax, enjoy yourself and then allow yourself to start to recognize the shift.