Marketing Isn’t Evil


Marketing isn’t something you can avoid, skip or just not do because you don’t want to.

If you are one of those people who has decided that marketing and strategy is something you don’t need because…..

It doesn’t feel good to you You get all of your business word-of-mouth (do you really?) Nothing feels right You have tech issues You are too busy It’s not in alignment



You can’t opt-out of marketing just because you don’t want to do it.

Most people don’t like marketing but in order to make money doing what you love, you have to reach people.

Any guru, life coach or thoughtleader you know is not there because of being “the best” but because they are branding and marketing themselves in an effective way.

Every soulful and influential person you follow and respect would not be accessible to you if someone in their lives wasn’t behind-the-scenes shaping their image and marketing them to their right audience.

Marketing is not evil. It’s essential. --- Tweet this.

Part of the reason why people THINK marketing is evil because they don’t really know what it is. Everyone gives away marketing plans for freebies but it’s always just a vague set of questions without any set direction or focus.

In December, I’m teaching my woo boos Marketing Plans and it’s a big lesson because your marketing plan isn’t just about posting when you think about it.

Your marketing plan is a DAILY to-do list for strategically promoting and spreading the word about your vision.

Not just when you are launching Not just when you feel like it Not just when you notice that your bank account is low


And it should be fun! It feels good to spread the word, share your work and REACH people. To market means to be of service to people who need you.

What are you doing (on the daily) to promote your offers and bring the right people to you?

How are you creating an experience that allows you to be yourself AND sell?

You can’t skip this part friends.

In case you missed it up top I am increasing the price of Woo Boss Collective to $50 to $97/month starting November 1st!

With that change also comes:

Weekly marketing to-dos (yep, I’ll tell you exactly what to do to grow) Weekly behind-the-scenes newsletters and in-depth strategy Project of the month Clarity question of the day to get your wheels turning

Partnerships and promotional fun! In 2 weeks I am hosting a yoga challenge with one of my #wooboos and I have plans for more fun activities co-starring my bosses.

Live podcasts with successful woo boos -- you’ll be able to ask them questions and learn more about their businesses

If you have been thinking about Woo Boss Collective but haven’t quite committed yet, you have until this Friday to sign up before the price increase AND to get access to this month’s work along with the sales funnel material.

Here are the projects for the next 4 months:

November: Sales funnels and money-making mojo December: The Marketing To-Do List January: Launching A Thing + Planning Your Year February: Visual marketing and brand styling

You can sign up here.