Maybe Being a Little Dramatic Is A-Ok + My New Thing Is Here!

First off, IT IS HERE. Brand Chemistry Style School! WOOOP. Actionable business STYLE training for cool people like you. Now, I am aware that there is a lot going on and a lot of people are launching, and so you are trying to figure out where to put your money and if you should buy anything at all.

One of the things I talked about in my call yesterday is the fact that business strategy is kind of a lottery. Basically that means that when strategies work and don’t work, it’s kind of random. Sometimes you’ll stumble upon someone who is teaching in a way that is going to be REALLY good for you but often times you don’t.

In order to avoid this and to KNOW when a strategy WILL be for you, it is best to know your personal brand style.

This is SO important and will save everyone so much time and money.

It’s kind of like when a new social media platform comes out, and somebody isCRUSHING IT. Like they “periscope to 7 figures” or whatever. That is because periscope was a good brand style match, that doesn’t mean anyone can have those same results.

That is what the school is about. You learn what will work for you. The 5 Brand Chemistry types were designed by me because I wanted to build stronger strategy for my clients. Strategy that works for WHO they are and what they are wanting. I amREALLY excited about it.

You can check it out here.

So one of my favorite parts of BCSS is the “notes” section. I have posted little stories and gifs (of course) throughout the program so instead of feeling like you are just passively reading and listening to this stuff, I am there with you. I’ll be changing and adding to these along the way, so it is like a little Hey Shenee treasure hunt!

This week, I am sharing a note from one of the lessons. This one is about personalities.

We can’t change our personalities.

That means that if you are dramatic (like me), you are dramatic during your launch and your business.

If you are a busy body that moves from project to project and can’t stay focused, it’s gonna be really hard to change that overnight.

A lot of you reading this blame one of these characteristics as the culprit for you not making your business work but around these parts, we USE those quirks to our business advantage.

So, for example -- most lifestyle brands have a hard time sticking to one thing. That is because lifestyle brands want to LIVE. They just wanna do their thing, man. Don’t want to worry about the confines of a specific project.

If you are a lifestyle brand, people are most likely constantly telling you to focus.YOU most likely keep telling yourself to focus, right?

To me -- and brand chemistry says this --- you should EMBRACE this as a part of your business.

They call them lifestyle sites for a reason -- because they cover a lot of different things under the same story umbrella. You have a lot of ideas. Go with it.


That means instead of long-drawn-out projects, you do short, simple ones if you expect to actually finish them. That means your brand is more open (and we’ve learned that lifestyle brands LOVE to tell their story) and embraces a lot of things instead of the one thing.

I’ll scatter more examples throughout the class but in the meantime:

Here is a preview of some common personality quirks of the BC types and as you finish the course, you’ll explore how to combat these. Again, these aren’t ALWAYStrue so don’t yell at me.

Thoughtleader: Overdramatic, likes attention (and can’t function when she doesn’t feel like she is getting it), impatient Boutique: Aloof, hard to get in touch with, struggles with consistency Teacher: Overdelivers to the point of confusion on both sides, doesn’t let a project reach completion before changing Serial: language sometimes hard to relate to, gets on high horse, has trouble sticking to ideas, struggles to add personality to brands Lifestyle: struggles with getting started

You can sign up for Brand Chemistry School here! Some cool bonuses are still left!