Oh Snap, a Sale! + Sabbatical

WE ARE HAVING A FLASH SALE. I’ve always wanted to say that.

I am currently preparing for the NEW HEY SHENEE SITE to go live in all of its gloriousness and a ring of fire and amazingness.


Alllllll of the digital products on Hey Shenee will be retired with the exception of the 100 People Project. I know sadddd, but it is time to move on, yo. This doesn’t mean these aren’t great products. THEY. ARE. AWESOME. I love them, and I wanted to give you a chance to pick them up so in HONOR OF CONSUMERISM AND THANKSGIVING, we are having a super sale.

You can get: 

•  Opt-In Workshop: Create your opt-in

•  Design Your Fish Bowl: Design your community and grow your list

•  Price Anything: Price your next thing

•  Awkward Yo: get something up for that awkward stage in your business

•  Drop Lovebombs: My newsletter writing guide

•  State of The Business Guide: Figure out where your business is and what you should do next ALL that goodness -- value of over 200 bucks, for just $65. 

You can also get “Your First Time” a course that I haven’t released to the public (all of my mastermind clients have done it) and it takes you through the process of creating your first digital class. You can pick that up for $80 (value $200). 

OR you get the whole shebang, all of the products and the “Your First Time” course for  $97 -- what a DEAL, yo.

You can buy all of that goodness over at my store, here.

Now, let’s talk about “planning” season. I will admit that in the past, I’ve been a part of the “plan the next year” revolution but for this year, I am calling for something different this year.

How about we don’t?

This is about the time of year I access and stress over what I did, what I didn’t do and what comes next. I make big proclamations about what the new year will be. I read self-help books. I get into GO MODE.

It is safe to say that 2015 has been a BIG one for me, both good and bad.

Especially for my business. I couldn’t have planned what would happen with my relationship to my business.

But I also moved out, sold my stuff, went on an adventure, moved to a new state and did a lot of other big awesome things too.

And I kind of just need a break.

I need to not plan. I need to not think. I need to not figure things out.

So this year I decided that instead of doing a huge “Shenee improvement” dance, I would take a break.

I am taking a sabbatical.

For 1-2 months.

I am taking the time to create -- if I want. Write, if it feels good. And not sell.

To be honest, that is what I need a break from. Selling myself. I bet you get tired of that too. I am going to just let myself BE...without my business and see what happens.

It starts next week, I still have a site to launch and some other things to do, but I feel really good about it.

I think we all need more space to be who we are without our businesses or the constant process of trying to make our businesses happen. -- Tweet this!

So much of my personal hardship has come from my inability to see myself outside of the work I do, and so this is me trying my best to NOT take that into the new year.

Will report back with how it goes!

So what does this mean for us and this newsletter? You'll still hear from me, but it will mostly be throwback posts, like a greatest hits of the year type deal. I did some of my best writing this year so that will be good too.

OH! And if you are like "but Shenee! no!" I am doing a live call for my Brand Chemistry School students next week. The last of the year. If you sign up you get all that stuff above plus all of the goodness the school has to offer. You can grab that here.

That's it for now, loves! Have a happy holiday!

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