REAL TALK VS. Expert Talk | How to Write Content Your Client NEEDS

So, how well do you know your customers? No, seriously. How well? I am not talking about the fact that they go to Whole Foods or they love Danielle LaPorte (this describes just about everyone) but do you actually know them?

It is easy to just create products or put offerings out there based off of some vague description or understanding we have about our ideal customer. I have done it.  BUT! iit is WAY more powerful and profitable to take a few extra minutes to really get to know who your customer really is.

Most copy and content I read from clients is written in “expert speak.”

Expert speak = the language/words we use to describe what we do. We need to know how our customers talk about what we do.

We want our copy to be what I like to call REAL TALK. Yep, it’s in all caps.

REAL TALK = the language/words your customer uses to describe their problems 


Expert speak: I help women heal their relationships with themselves.

REAL TALK: Why do I hate EVERYTHING I PUT ON? Nothing works on my body. Must. eat. less. crap.

See what I mean?

What sounds more real? What sounds like something someone would really pay for?

REAL talk can be difficult to get, especially if you don’t really have the same problems as your clients. Here are 2 ways to get more REAL talk in your copy, your blog post and all your other content.


1. Talk to your clients

Well, actually LISTEN to your clients. Over the last year, I have talked to over a 100 women about their struggles around business development, copy, branding and everything else. I am pretty much FLUENT in REAL TALK.

Action: Know of someone who really digs your stuff? Offer to jump on the phone and jam. Listen to what they have to say. Let them talk as much as they want.


2. Do a survey

We talk a LOT about surveys in my classes. The key to creating a great survey is to let your customers write as much as they want about their business. Keep questions open-ended when you can. In fact, one of my favorite questions EVER goes like this:

So, what are you struggling with right now?


Action: Create a survey for your favorite clients/blog readers and start collecting REAL TALK.

REAL TALK = the reason why you buy products, read blog posts and love the content creators you really love.

If you want to start making a BIGGER impact with your writing, getting more REAL is a great way to start.

So, let’s talk about REAL TALK. Do you struggle to identify with your customers? What questions do you have?

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