Stop calling yourself a perfectionist. That. is. bullsh*t


Seriously, stop.

Perfectionism isn't actually a thing, especially when it comes to business. People use it as an excuse.


Perfectionism isn't about wanting to get everything just right, it’s about being too afraid to deal with reality. It’s about being attached to a vision of your business that does.not.exist.


Everyone likes to fantasize. Everyone likes to plan and prepare and get ready for things. There is a certain amount of euphoria in the “idea” of something. Don’t believe me? Just look at the countless wedding boards, food boards and “DIY” boards on Pinterest. Look at the freakin’ porn industry which creates fantasy visions of sex.

Admit it, it feels good to think and plan your business.

It feels nice to cover your desk in post-it notes and inspirational quotes. It’s fun to read blog posts and take classes and bond over the “idea” of having your business. Who doesn't love to getting a bunch of multi-colored markers and going to town? You love filling out worksheet after worksheet and then getting that contact high only to never look at the worksheet ever again. You might be struggling with your copy but you secretly love it. You love working on it.

Why? Because it’s comfortable. It’s safe. You can’t be hurt. You don’t actually have to put yourself out there and worry about getting hurt, making mistakes or even plain ol’ making it.

So when you say that you are a “perfectionist” or that your business vision isn't “ready” or that you are waiting for it to be just right, you are saying that you want to stay in the fantasy land for just a little longer.

You just want to watch a little more porn before you actually do it, just so you know you are doing it right.

Which of course, is ridiculous.

Nothing will EVER come out exactly like the vision you had in your head. Never.

Let me repeat that. That vision you have in your head? It’s NOT REAL because it doesn't actually exist. So if you are waiting for your reality to match the image in your head,  prepare to spend your time being an entrepreneurial  wannabe. (Yeah, I went there and I am saying this cause I love you)

Here is the very unfortunate truth. Lots of people want to have big success as an entrepreneur and very few actually do. And it’s never because they are not good enough or strong enough. It’s not because of marketing or sales or branding.

It’s because they are attached to a vision of their business that doesn't exist. It’s because they don’t take action, make mistakes and learn because they refuse to even put themselves out there.

It’s because they are stuck in a fantasy land.

The perfectionist mindset has NOTHING to do with being "perfect." It's all about finding sanctuary in a vision of your business that doesn't exist so that you can keep playing small.

It's about deciding that the vision you have in your head is better and you wanna stick with it.

Entrepreneurship requires a durability that can not be taught so don't expect anyone to teach it to you. I am a really good teacher and make all of my products as actionable as possible but I can't DO anything for anyone.

There is a hunger and a desire and a LOVE for your work that you just GOTTA have if you want to get your head out of your ass and get going.

Is that what you truly want? To be someone that doesn't make it because you are too busy watching porn?

Didn't think so.

Cut. that. shit. out.

No more, ok? Because the longer you "wait" the harder it will be, yo.

It doesn't take rocket science. TUMBLR. Squarespace! Awkward, yo! 

It is really, really easy to make the first step, so just do it.


I do this work because I am obsessed with it and because I truly want you to have a business that makes you as happy and not because I want you to read my stuff and not do anything, my friend.

So what are you gonna do to crush it today?