Stop kissing the feet of big names + the secret to success

Ok, this issue really hits home for me.

“If you want your email to be read, make it 2 sentences."

“How to get the attention of big name bloggers”

“How to not annoy big influencers"  -- This is actually a thing!

It's like there is an industry that exists JUST for the proper care and consideration for "influential people."

Let’s stop and address something straight up. YES. There is a super self-development clique. Yes, there are coach cliques. Business cliques. Yes they work with each other, promote each other and hang out with each other. Yes, they might not read your emails or respond to your requests And I am sure when they go to events like WDS, they just hang out with each other.


They don't have to read your emails. They don't HAVE to talk to you. And yes, they might be busy but YOU ARE BUSY too. (Can you tell I am passionate about this?)

If you live out the life of your business in the hopes that some blogger/big name with shine their light on you and give you a chance, you are wasting your time. If you spend your time idolizing other people, you will have NO time to do your work. If you consciously position yourself LOWER than another person, you are not giving yourself a fair shot.

The amount of followers you have is a not measure of your success, your worth or the amount of RESPECT you deserve.

More money does not equal more respect.

Fame is not always a mark of quality. Just because someone is well known, doesn't mean they know best.

This idolization of “successful” people in our industry HAS to stop.

Be obsessed with your OWN contribution.

I always hear people talk about how they meet people in real life and they don't seem interested or they feel ignored by "industry insiders." As far as I am concerned, if you feel ignored...ignore them right back. Have fun. Be present. Enjoy yourself.  Run your business. 


Let’s talk about the Oprah effect. Publishers fight to get on her book club list. People clamor to get on her “favorite things” list. And it’s GREAT but you don’t need Oprah to have a successful book or create something people love.

Think of Fifty Shades of Grey which came out of nowhere (no celebrity endorsements) and took over the world.

I don't think the ipod ever showed  up on any list from Oprah.

You don’t have to play the game to do great things. You don’t need someone else to see you to be seen.

And most likely, if you focus on creating good work, being the BEST at what you do and serving your people the best way you can, people WILL notice.

And do you know who should be in your clique? Your freakin’ clients. Your readers. The people that love and respect your work and what you do.

YOU guys are my clique.

It is my job to make sure that I am serving you the best way possible. I read books to help me learn how to talk to YOU.

And I want to be clear about something -- there is nothing wrong with emailing these bloggers, pitching magazines or reaching out to influential people.

Just do it because you know you are awesome and have a deep appreciation of your contribution. Do not do it out of desperation.


Exposure is GREAT for business. I would love to be in INC magazine. It’s one of my dreams to be on the cover of a magazine.


But I am not gonna measure my worth on the pursuit of fame, fortune or web traffic.


4 steps to success

1. Focus on your business + YOUR audience -- doesn't matter the size

2. Be open opportunities and seek them out with integrity and love for the work you do and a desire to reach more people

3. Respect YOUR time.  -- I don't guest post much because it doesn't always feel good  so I don't do it. I focus on creating content on my own site

4. Shine baby shine



Shenee Howard