How To Get Clarity On Your Target Market


I've got bad news -- target market profiles are useless. 

Not only are target market profiles useless but they can actually hurt your business.

Let me explain. 

Last year I spent over 5k in personal development and non-business purchases (sorry Dad). These purchases included but were not limited to styling coaches, health stuff, running equipment, styling services, interior design classes, stuff about being single….The list goes on and on. 

The typical “target market profile” for someone who buys like me would be --- white, late thirties, 1-2 kids, perhaps a stay-ay-home mom or maybe a corporate professional with disposable income, goes to whole foods -- super healthy. 


People always complain about how many times they’ve been forced to do their target market exercise and how it doesn’t do anything for them and that’s because the information you get from them are COMPLETELY USELESS and a lot of times, harmful to a brand. 

The target market myth only tends to benefit other business coaches and not the people who actually need them.

A lot of people who sell intangibles struggle with this the MOST because their target market’s profile will be hard to identify because a lot of times, there are not a lot of comparable purchases in the profile. 

For example, someone who might need a creative coach or professional muse has most likely never bought anything along those lines, so how would you build the profile? 

The result doesn’t give you a really in-depth look of who the person is, not what they buy or how they perform their identity. 

People do not buy according to their personal preferences, they buy because of their personal FEELINGS. 

If you’ve wondered why the 10k a month/rags to riches storyline works, this is the reason why. People FEEL a specific way when they hear these stories and as a result, buy into whatever vision that’s there. 

This is why I am obsessed with the 100 People Project. It allows you to hear, in their own words what people are wanting and feeling. Those feelings and wants are most often totally independent to the lifestyle factors people tend to use when they create the target market profile. 

Your target market isn’t a profile but a set of behaviors and feelings that make them perfect for an offer you create. 

So what do we do instead? I call it the signature story. It’s basically the story of your target market -- here’s an example:

I hate, hate, HATE complicated recipes and it feels like all of the healthy things take a lot of work. There are so many moments when I want to do good but look at a recipe list and just say FORGET IT and do something else, most of the time that means eating a bag of chips and feeling shitty afterwards. UGH.

That’s an example of a signature story -- (a little piece of one) -- can you see how much information we get from that vs. just the typical profile? We get a peek of their habits. They don’t like recipe lists. They love chips! They feel shitty when they eat these things. There are a lot f words in their about being trapped or having things be too much work.

This is someone who WANTS to do well but struggles to eat healthy. This is someone who needs simplicity but doesn’t want things to be fussy. This is someone who enjoys the simple pleasures of foods but doesn’t want to spend a ton of time doing it. Can you see how much more details we get for our copy and offers that we couldn’t with a typical profile. 

So the next time someone tells you to do a target market profile, tell them

Your homework is simple -- create a signature story for your target market. 

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