the girl, the tequila and the floor (AKA never the HELL again)

19 years old. London.  

I was face down on the dirty carpet  in front of a big beautiful door on the phone with my mom on the other line.


I had just drank a whole bottle of something and handle of something else and I thought it was the end.


"Mom, this is it." I told her, mumbling because I was face down on the carpet. "I am going to die."


My mom was not amused.


"Shenee, where are you?"


"I drank something and I drank something else and THE CARPET. Jake Gylenhaal is here."


"Shenee, you aren't going to die."


And that is when I threw up. On everything.


Spoiler alert: I didn't die.


And Jake Gylenhaal was not actually there.


Never again.


So why did I tell you this story of my drunk phone call to my mom? Well, because it's a reminder of what we ALL need to do this time of the year.


Time to create a "NEVER THE HELL AGAIN" list.


Most likely you have done some things this year that have  had less than desirable results.

  • You've said yes to the type of client you had NO BUSINESS saying yes to. 
  • You picked a fight when you should have just kept your mouth shut. 
  • You bought something you never should have bought 


And in your mind you were probably thinking the same thing I was throwing up on my glittery chuck taylors.


Never AGAIN.


And in honor of those never again moments I want you to make a list of moments that happened this year that you NEVER want to happen again so that you can start 2014 on the right foot and make sure you have less never again and more "MORE OF THAT", please.


What types of clients do you NEVER want to work with again?

What decisions do you want to make sure NEVER happen next year?


If you are brave enough, share one of your "NEVER THE HELL AGAIN" list items in the comment box.


This is actually the kick off for the "IT'S ON" challenge, a 5 day business refresh for the new year!



You can learn more and sign up here.


Peace, Love and Backstreet Boys,



P.S -- Here is a photo of me. 19 years old! London! I have no clue where that jacket is!