The Way You Make Your Money Matters

I was reading this article about this woman who gets paid by men to buy stuff. Basically they video chat, and she yells at him and he buys her stuff. The guy gets off on it. She makes a lot of money doing stuff like this for many different men, but she is in school for biology or something. My first thought was WTF. If you have a job that makes you a lot of money and all you have to do is get men to buy you stuff, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

I kept reading as she shared some of the creepier not-safe-for-this-inbox stories about the weird things her clients would do. She talked about the emotional exhaustion and boredom that happened simultaneously. She was basically saying that she was unfulfilled.

Getting men to buy her 500 dollar shoes didn’t really rev her engine.


Yeah, she was making it rain by doing something easy but in the long term it just didn’t feel right. She wanted more.

Here is the thing about making money. There are so many posts and ads about how to make money, but nobody tells you that the WAY you make your money is just as important as you just making it.

I’ve had lots of experience with this. In my past, I’ve made a lot of money doing things that it would seem stupid to STOP DOING but in the end it left me with more trouble than it was worth.

Internal trouble. Nobody talks about the internal trouble you can get in doing the online business stuff. Client expectations. Pressures. Customer service. Time. Effort. Desire.

Whenever you decide to sell something you are putting yourself at the mercy of whoever buys it and people can be shitty.

This is why when it comes to thinking about what you are going to offer, you shouldn’t just do the things that will make you money. You should do the things you know you’ll be able to do in the long haul. You should do the things you know you can happily deliver on.

Because if you don’t, it’s not sustainable. Unless your business is COMPLETELYpassive (and even when it’s passive, if you are over the content your marketing suffers, I’ve seen this happen), of course.

You can’t sell stuff you don’t want to do. It shows. -- Tweet this!

So what does this mean for you? If there is a little voice in the back of your head that is telling you that the launch you are the planning and the thing you are doing just doesn’t feel right….stop.

If you are doing a service that is selling well but makes you want to punch minions? Think of an exit plan.

You don’t have to lovvveeee the work you are doing, but you do have to respect the work and make sure you can always do a good job.

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