This Shiz Just Got Real: A manifesto for committing to the NEXT LEVEL



Ready? Take a deep breath. It’s time. THIS IS IT, yo.

Time to make the decision. The big choice! No turning back. Indecision, be DAMNED.

Next. level. shiz.


Let’s decide to do what it takes, to move forward and never look back. Let’s make our happiness the true measurement of our success. Let’s decide to not just live but thrive.

Time to commit to the next chapter. Go all in. Balls (or ovaries) to the wall. This is IT. No more playing it small.

Decision = made.

No compromise.

We might crash and burn.

We  might fail.

We might not make the sale.

Things might not work out.

People might start talking.

We might make total ASSES of ourselves.

What if it doesn't work?


Everything could change.


It could be awesome.

We could make more than we  could ever imagine.

We  could save a life.

Change the world.

Buy those pair of shoes.

Find freedom. TRUE FREEDOM.

We could do that thing we have always wanted to do. That thing we have been waiting for. You know! That thing that we said we would do when the list got to be the right size or when we learned JUST enough. The thing we said we would do when the weather got better and when the kids (or dogs) stopped getting sick all the time.

Yeah, that thing.

Let’s do it.

No turning back.

This is the day we decide. What do we want our life to really look like and how BAD do we want it?