What Will It Take For You To Make Six Or Seven Figures?

I am not a 6 figure business by design.

In fact, I don’t even care about that stuff. I've always been motivated by the things that I need as they come up.

The only reason why I am even making the money I am making is because my dog, Alfred. Otherwise, I’d most likely be making way less than I do now.


During that first week of Alfred ownership, I went to the doctor 4 times and he was given a new $70 a month dog food prescription. That first month I spent over $800 on him and during those subsequent months it was about the same. I was basically paying for 2 apartments.

Clearly I had to start making more money. So I did.

Fast forward a few months later:

I am standing inside my DREAM apartment. A 2 bedroom, 1200 sqft masterpiece of amazingness that I couldn’t let go of. Perfect location. Perfect apartment. 500 dollars (!!!!!) over my desired budget.

Welp, I guess it’s time to start making money.

So many people talk about badly they want to hit the six figure mark. Yes, abundance is great and money is endless but in my experience, we only make changes when we are motivated to make changes.

This comes up over and over again in my classes and with my clients. We all know what to do, nobody actually does it, right? And right now everyone is blaming the B2B industry for this but really it is about how people SAY they want things in their businesses but don’t make it a priority and do it.

So, what does this take? RISK. The push.

I am not talking about you all quitting your jobs and going into starvation mode. Nobody likes to feel broke and no one wants to buy from people like that.

You have to have a clear goal in mind. “I wanna make six figures” isn’t enough to make it happen and this goal is what keeps everyone from actually doing anything.

Recently I’ve been spending time in San Francisco and I love it and I am thinking of maybe coming here for a longer period of time. While in other cities, I can comfortably live pretty much anywhere I want, in San Francisco, my apartment (which is considered expensive in Austin, Texas) would not even buy you a shared space here.

Now I don’t know if San Francisco is the place I will ultimately settle but suddenly I have a new income and life goal for myself. Expand so that I can live somewhere comfortably and not even think twice. If you can live in a great apartment in SF, you can pretty much live anywhere.

I’ve already been thinking of ways I can push myself and this has already started to change some of the ways I am showing up in my business and my life. It is really easy for me to focus on my clients and what they can do and not focus on myself and having a clear goal changes things for me.

So what do I mean with all this?

What is it in your life that you want that you can’t get now with what you are doing and the money you are making?

If you can’t see or FEEL what that change might look like, it is going to be hard to make that money.

You homework for this week is simple:

  • Think of a financial goal you want to hit in your business.
  • What changes in your world once you hit that goal? What will change?