What your clients really want

I was watching a cartoon Batman movie (Batman: Mystery of Batwoman, if you are curious) and a  scientist was presenting a project she was working on. She was not doing a good job, yo. She had SO MUCH to say that she couldn’t get any of it out and her audience (including Bruce Wayne) were not impressed. This chick kept going on and on with all of this technical mojo about the “how” of her project and no one knew what she was talking about and you could see it on their faces -- she wasn’t going to be getting any money for her project today.


Finally she dropped all of her presentation stuff and simply stated: “See this chunk of metal? I can make it change shape.”


And then she SHOWED them how to do it.


Cue the applause.


Here are the lessons we get from this:


When it comes to copy (or branding in general) people are more concerned with the end result.


People don’t think about the problems you solve the way YOU think about them so trying to explain them in your way (as in coming from a place of lots of knowledge about it) isn’t the right way to go.


SHOWING someone what you can do will ALWAYS be better than TELLING them what you can do so SHOW whenever you can. When you “tell” people will always have to go away and think about it. When you “show” they make a decision in the moment because they can see if it is for them or not.


Go Go Gadget Challenge:


Go through your copy and identify where you are talking too much about the “how” and not enough about the “what.” Think of some creative ways you can show people what you can do.


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