Why your obsession with "the right number" might be killing your business

We all have a number, right? A number that means that we arrived and that people KNOW US.


Some magical number that means  that we have somehow “made it.”


Perhaps it’s not a magical number but the fact that someone “famous” shares your stuff or comments positively on something you do.


And in pursuit of that magical number you MOVE. You are always moving FORWARD. Striving. List building. Doing stuff that will hopefully get you closer to that “number”  you imagined in your head.


Striving is GREAT and no one LOVES action more than me BUT I find so often (and this happened to me) is that in the process of trying to GO BIGGER, you forget something or more importantly, you forget someone.


The one or two people who are INTO what you are doing right now!


You know who I am talking about, yo. That one person who is always there to support you, read your posts and gets excited whenever you release something new. That person who LIKES you right now.


It’s so easy to forget ( and take for granted) these types of people because it doesn't feel like “enough.” Not enough to make a huge difference in how much money you make or not enough to make you feel like an “expert.”


I have a little secret for you. I know several people who HAVE that magical number and can’t pay for their rent this month because they have “people” but not people who actually care. I have one friend who put so much energy into “list building” and growing her facebook page that she now has thousands of followers that are mostly there for all of the free stuff she creates.


The one or two people who support you (both financially and through sharing your stuff) will do way more than 1,000 people who don’t give a shit.


Love up those one or two followers. Give them free stuff. Jump on the phone with them. It is THESE people who will help get your brand get where you want to go and not the endless pursuit of faceless people that will end up unsubscribing anyway.


How can you love the people who love you RIGHT NOW?


Lovebomb AWAY, my friends.


-- Shenee

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