Why people don't buy even when the feedback is AWESOME [ free audio workshop #1 ]



This week I have something very special for ya! A bonus workshop that will give you a little taste of what what I do and also give you some invaluable knowledge about what is blocking you from making the sales you have always wanted.


During this quick audio will explaining WHY people don’t buy your stuff even though it beta tested well, people say they like and at some point someone even said they would buy it.


Oh, the frustration!


So get out a pen and paper (or open a fresh doc), turn off all the distractions (and close all those tabs) and let’s dig in and I’ll give you a little mini-education on money making.

This is just part 1 of this audio and I’ll be covering:

  • Why all those forums you are a part of might not actually be helping you grow your business like you thought (infn fact they might be hurting you! Eeek!)
  • The 1 thing you need to know before you start work on ANY sales page (or sell anything, period)
  • The secret weapon I use for my business to make sure that everything I create actually sells -- and it is FREE.


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Remember that next week my 3 month moneymaking mastermind CA-CHING is coming next week.


As I mentioned in the workshop, making sure that you have the RIGHT people seeing your offering is ESSENTIAL to finding your perfect people for your offering.  The first workshop is going to be Client Mindreading which is all about getting SUPER clear about that person you are looking for so it's WAY easier to find them when you need to!





Stay tuned for part 2!