I am answering YOUR questions, yo!

Hello PARTY PEOPLE! I am trying something NEW this week. Doing a little ADVICE-type show and I NEED your help. I am going to be answering all your questions about business, life and all that comes with trying to do the work you love.

Let me be clear, yo. I am ANSWERING all of the questions you are AFRAID TO ASK,  NERVOUS TO TALK ABOUT or feel stupid for asking.

Leave a message here with your location and the type of business you run (unless you DO want to say who you are and what you do, then HAVE AT IT. FREE PUBLICITY)  and I'll try to answer your question on the show.

It will be RECORDED (like a podcast) and you can pick it up HERE soon!

Here is how it works! Click the link below and leave a voice message via this lovely interface OR if you don't have a microphone (it can just be an internal mic on your phone) 

How to SUBMIT!

1. Keep it SHORT and sweet! Under 3 minutes!

2. Don't feel like you have a question but just need to talk something out and give feedback? Just start talkin' and I'll try to work it out (under 3 minutes)

3. Don't be scurrred!

Send a voice message

or you can call me via google and leave a message. PLEASE excuse the message system, for some reason I can't change it!