why your next idea won't work (womp, womp)

Hello party people!  

So! Do you find that you are one of those people that have TOO many ideas and as a result nothing gets done?


Welp, I am calling BS on that one and in today’s blog post I am going to tell you why.


Go ahead and keep reading to find out more!


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Ok, back to the show!  


Let me know if any of this sounds familiar:


You are struggling and struggling with your new business and BOOM you have a new idea. It’s a GREAT idea. It’s an AWESOME idea.




You are finally getting things together and know what you are doing and feel ALMOST good about it (but not sure yet) and BAM a new idea! A whole new brand! NEW IDEA!




You saw something and thought, “BAM! I can do that!”




Someone asked you did and you told them and then THEY suggested that you could _____.


And you think, “YEAH, I can do that.”


This has happened to us all, right?


I like to call it ideaitis or more accurately branditis.


So what do you do if you have TOO MANY ideas?


Let’s get real for a second. There is a HUGE difference between seeing a need and filling it and FEELING the need and creating it.


Let me repeat that:


You can’t just see a need and fill it. You have to FEEL the need and create it.




Sorry to burst that bubble, yo. Having a cool idea is NOT enough. You have to feel like you can’t NOT create it. It has to feel like something you really, REALLY want to do and lines up with who you are and what your brand is all about.


In Hot Brand Action, I tell my students that if you want to do something that doesn’t align with your acorn o’ truth and core idea, ask yourself why you REALLY want to do it.

  • Is it because you are in compare and despair mode and need something to give you some new energy?
  • Is it because you are in the “lull” of your idea (when your idea stops being fun) and want to move on?
  • Are you just TIRED of trying to make what you are doing happen and need a change?
  • Does this idea feel like the more bankable thing?
  • Is someone else doing something similar and you feel like you should do it too?


So, none of these reasons are really enough to start a new brand or business idea.


Remember our metric:


Do you FEEL THE NEED to create it?


In my Hot Brand Action class, I do a lot of bubble bursting because most people create businesses and pursue big ideas not because they really WANT to do it and it will feel really good for them but because they think they COULD do it, so they do it.


This is why the core work is so important. A brand acts as a compass. If you don’t have a core understanding of who you are, what you do and WHY you love to do it, you’ll never feel like you can stick to an idea and you’ll never feel like you NEED to create anything so you’ll try to create EVERYTHING.


And this is why most of your BIG IDEAS will never work. Because you are NOT meant to create them.


So STOP saying you have “too many ideas.” Most likely, you just don’t know what the heck you are doing and are using your “ideas” as a distraction.


Yep, I went there.


Moral of the story: ask yourself if you FEEL THE NEED (THE NEED FOR SPEED)?


Are you REALLY the person that NEEDS to create this? (In fact, there is a tool for this, check it out here.)


And here is another lesson for you! Don’t build your business around things you CAN do. ONLY DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE TO DO.


We all have skills. We all have things we could do that have the potential to make us money! Doesn’t mean we gotta do them, yo.


Turning it over to you:


Is there anything in your business you should STOP doing/going after because it isn’t truly yours to create?