Here’s the truth:

A BRAND is the most important thing any business can have.

In fact, without one, most businesses fail….eventually.

You KNOW when you don’t have a brand, even if you don’t have the word for it.

Every time you send an email you get crickets and wonder if anyone is even out there

Your launches range from “okay” to “disappointing” and the ones that do go well require the WORLD of you. As a result, you never want to launch again.

Marketing and promotion exhausts you. You are never sure what to say and you are never that excited about it and nothing ever seems to work

Whenever you put money in an ad, it’s a total bust and a waste of money even though people love your stuff.

You’ve fantasized about books and speaking tours but nobody seems to calling for you to share.

All results of a brand that isn’t clear.

The truth is not having a brand is costing you, even if you don't know it yet.

You waste precious time because you’ll do a lot of work but none of it will stick long term.

You spend more money than you need to because what you think is a good idea now is old news in a few weeks or months. This is despite the fact you've already put money into it.

You work with coach after coach and buy product after product but can't seem to feel good about anything so you keep buying, hoping something will break through. 

You aren't obsessed with Oprah giving you a ring but it would be nice to have your work on a bigger stage so you can help more people. 

That’s where a strong brand comes in.

With a brand, your business will always be more profitable, the strategies you use will be way more effective and the results you’ll get will always exceed expectations.

When you have a clear and effective brand, you’re more likely to:

get more media opportunities,

sell more books

get more traffic

and as a result of all those things, make more money.

Why? People will pay attention for FREE but they only buy when they are confident the offer will help them.

Can't do that without clarity.

I get it.

It's a lot sexier to focus on list building, marketing strategies or facebook ads but here's the thing: ANY of the gurus in any of those areas will tell you that none of these techniques work without a clear brand.

You have to know who you are and what you and express it in a unique and sellable way that people will get excited about.

The difference between a business that barely gets by and the business that becomes a millionaire successes is one simple thing:  A brand that people can obsess over.

Do you remember that feeling you had when you discovered your favorite band for the first time?

How about your favorite author?

Or your favorite clothing line?

Think about that totally addictive rush you got off of buying EVERYTHING they had to offer.

You wanted to know more, you HAD to know more and so you paid attention to every article about them, every tweet they wrote, or every email they ever sent.

Everything felt like a YES.

You might be thinking that type of devotion is only for the Justin Biebers of the world or just for the guru heroes on your social media page but you’d be wrong. It’s all branding and you can have one too.

A brand is what transformed Marie Forleo’s simple business program into multi-millionaire empire

A brand is what transformed spanx, which is basically a fancy girdle (a technology that’s been around for decades) to a billionaire industry.

A brand is what turned Denise Duffield Thomas’s coaching practice into a suite of best selling books and a multi-million dollar product, all within a few short years.

A brand is what helped Gabby Bernstein, who was writing about a course in miracles, a teaching pioneered by Marianne Williamson based on teachings that have been around for centuries into a household name who got a call from Oprah.

A brand is what turned, The Rock, a wrestler with no acting experience into one of the top paid movie star in the world.

If you can go beyond having a business and have a brand, the sky's the limit of what you can do and the money you can make is endless too.

Does it feel like there are so many people out there who seem to be doing less and getting more?

It’s not because they are better (you already know you’re just as good as they are).

It’s not because they are smarter either (YOU’RE smart, right?).

It’s just because they’ve developed a clear brand that positions themselves as experts and authorities in their field and people happily pay for it.

It’s because someone can look at them and their brand and INSTANTLY know who they are and who they are designed to help and can easily refer them for opportunities because of it.

What if in just 2 weeks I could turn your business into a brand that has that kind of expert positioning and clear messaging - a brand that lets people know you’re “The One” they’ve been looking for to help them?

The Brand Fix is a brand redefining retreat for business owners who want to make a bigger impact, make more sales and have their lives just be a whole lot easier.

I know, you might not believe you can get so much out of a one-day retreat. As an entrepreneur myself, I used to think “pain = progress” was the only way to run my business.

But then I realized that it’s not about working harder, doing more and struggling, it’s about getting the clarity you need FIRST so that everything you do becomes easier and anything you create happens a lot faster.

That’s why we start with getting the brand clarity piece -- this takes the longest amount of time and then the rest is easy.

I created Brand Fix for business owners like you who need a brand and want to see results, but not spend months and months waiting for it to all happen.

It’s specifically engineered to help you design a business with a brand that really makes people excited and inspired so that selling no longer feels like begging, but instead feels like just being yourself and letting people love (and pay you) for it.