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Name It, Explain It, And Profit Incubator

Create names and taglines that will sell your stuff (And stop stressing about what to call your next big thing)

Creating amazing names and taglines for your stuff is I right?  I'm sure you've been going back and forth about the name for your podcast, your product or even your business and it is HOLDING YOU UP. 

Or maybeee you've got names and taglines for your products but when you talk about them it doesn't INSPIRE YOU. It doesn't make you feel like the unstoppable badass of awesome that you know you truly are. 

Here's the thing: a great name and a tagline can TRANSFORM a business. WHY? 

  • A cool name = a cool business. Think about the brands you like. They have cool names, right? RIGHT!  
  • People like businesses with cool names...even if they have no clue what the business is! I can't tell you how many books I've bought because I liked the name. 
  • Want to be on podcasts? Get more opportunities on forbes? Be the life of your networking party? A good name gives you an instant IN because you have a hook 
  • It helps you STAND OUT so you aren't another business doing the SAME ISH every other business does. BAH YOU ARE SO NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. 
  • Because of having to fumble through a complex explanation about your product or service, it speaks for you
  • You feel SO GOOD talking about your fact, you'll look for excuses to mention it. That will totally change the way you show up 

Ok, those are all the reasons why having a GREAT NAME is a kick-ass thing to have, but how do you actually go about GETTING ONE?


Sure, there are loads of products and services about marketing and list building and looking really pretty in pictures but nothing about how to name your product so that people LOVE it.


That's where the Name It, Explain It and Profit Incubator comes in. Inside you'll learn how to create names and taglines for all of your products and services and then create the marketing that will sell all the awesome things you will name! 


That's because it's hard.....did I mention that? It's real hard but it's not impossible. That's where I come in. See -- here's the thing about naming your stuff. You can't just start with the NAME.  You gotta do