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1 Day Branding Intensive

Get all of your offerings and services (and your business if needed) named and branded to reflect your value and attract the PERFECT people for you

Pop quiz! (Who doesn't love an awesome quiz?) 

Do you get great results for your clients and do good work but the work itself just doesn't sound exciting or interesting? 

Do you think your website copy is just OKAY but doesn't quite hit the way you know it can? 

Do you just not sound as cool as you know you are? 

Do you have to spend all your time explaining what you do so people get it? 

If you answered "OMG! YES! THAT'S SO ME"  to any of these questions, you need the Name It + Explain It Intensive. 

Why? Because your business needs a messaging makeover. 

Here's the thing about great names and taglines.

They do all the hard work for you. 

Here are 5 reasons why a name and tagline can be a game changer for your business:

  1. A cool name = a cool business. Think about the brands you like. They have cool names, right? RIGHT!

  2. Want to be on podcasts? Get more opportunities on forbes? Be the life of your networking party? A good name gives you an instant IN because you have a hook

  3. It helps you STAND OUT so you aren't another business doing the SAME ISH every other business does. BAH YOU ARE SO NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

  4. Instead of having to fumble through a complex explanation about your product or service, it speaks for you

  5. You feel SO GOOD talking about your fact, you'll look for excuses to mention it. That will totally change the way you show up.

Over the course of one week, I'll rename everything in your business and create taglines that will make people say "oh, I want it" or "oh, I get it" instead of "wait, what?" 

After this makeover your business will speak for itself. 

What You Get:

  • Up to 6 Names for yourself or your business

  • 10-12 Taglines and high-impact phrases that communicate your value in one line

  • A NEW Homepage written to highlight your new business facelift and focus direction.

  • A bonus "anything you want to talk about" business strategy session. I've done it all: launching, marketing, product design, ask me and I can answer the question.

How It Works: 

The Name It And Explain It Intensive is a 1 Day retreat + a week of me working for YOU. 

1. Call 1 - Get Clear: We will talk about your business and your goals during the call. Great names only come from CLARITY and understanding your market and how you help people. During this call we will figure it out. 

2. Call 2 - Name-a-thon: It's time to PLAY. We will talk through each item on your list that needs a name and start brainstorming. What type of name do you want? How do you want it to feel? I'll start creating names for you on the spot.

3. Back to the batcave: I go to the batcave and come back to you with at least 10 options for names and taglines for each project we are naming. You choose your favorites. 

4. I write the HOMEPAGE! -- After you pick your names I'll write a homepage to reflect your brand's new names and taglines. 



What I can name for you: 

  • Your business

  • You (what's your title)

  • Your offers

  • Your book

  • Opt-Ins

  • Special Events

  • Signature content

  • Podcasts

  • Video Channels

  • Special shows

  • Branded newsletters

Your Investment: $3000 (Payment plans are available) -- limited spots at the entry price

Only 3 available per month

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