The Brand Fix

What if in 6 weeks all of the problems you are having with your business could be magically solved? 


I know, you don’t believe me but stick with me for a moment.

If I know you (and I’m pretty sure I do) --- I  can tell you exactly what problems you have with your business right now.


Don’t believe me?


In fact, I’m sure you are dealing with one (or more) of these….

You are putting together launches and putting some muscle behind your marketing efforts but you aren’t getting the results you think should be getting….

You are getting clients -- sometimes -- but you are undercharging and to be perfectly honest, your clients end up being a lot of work --- too much work and you are feeling burnt out

You are confused about your message and what you ACTUALLY DO FOR PEOPLE so you feel stalled out and uninspired by your business and it feels like nothing is going right

You are so good at that thing you ACTUALLY DO and when you talk to people 1-on-1 they totally get it but packaging it up and talking about it? No idea

I’ll let you in on a little secret ---

All of these problems can be solved with one simple thing.

A brand.

Maybe you think it’s your list size or that you aren’t good at marketing. Perhaps you think people just don’t open emails like they used to or that you just didn’t spend enough on facebook ads.



How does a brand message solve each of these problems?

Well, let’s talk about it.


When you are sending emails and launching and building and it doesn’t work, it’s because your audience is only lukewarm about your big idea and isn’t completely sold on it.

If you are getting less than awesome clients (or not getting clients at all) it’s because your offerings aren’t attractive to the type of person you really want to help -- bummer!

When you can’t seem to move forward in your business it’s because you don’t have that brand message that will light you up, inspire you and keep you moving forward and doing things


And finally if people love you in person or when you are on the phone but don’t buy, it’s because they like you but the brand doesn’t inspire them to buy.


See? Branding problems.


If you are suffering from any of the problems I just mentioned you need a brand and business overhaul, right now.

In order to reach your goals as a business owner, you must have a clear brand message that people are passionate about.

One that is enticing to the target market you want to serve at the price point you want them to pay to live the life you DESERVE.

Now, imagine for a moment that 6 weeks from today you can have a totally transformed business with a brand you can believe in?

Imagine if you could finally feel 100% sure and confident in your brand AND your direction and can move forward KNOWING that you’ll not only be making money but will also be doing exactly the type of work you want to do?  

The Brand Fix is a  Business and Brand Building Experience designed to help you go from having an idea and vision for your business to an actual business….in just 6 weeks.

In just 6 weeks, we will work together to get you…..

A brand message -- one that will be clear and attractive enough to last you for as long as you want to be in business -- no more constantly changing directions or getting stuck

A new line (or improved line) of products, services or retreats, all designed and engineered specifically for you with your new brand message and business in mind

Fresh and highly-converting copy co-written by me so you don’t have to worry about hiring another copywriter or spending another few months trying (and failing) at writing copy for yourself.

Sales and marketing emails written to get you sign ups for whatever it is you are selling

A launch plan to relaunch your new brand along with an offer for people to get excited and re-engaged in your work

A new opt-in offer or newsletter invitation to build up your list

1 complimentary facebook ad designed and executed to build your list  

1 PDF design for anything you want

Basically, in 6 weeks you’ll have a brand in a box --- everything you need to have a business that makes money doing the work you want to do up and running….right away.

In addition to all of that, you’ll also get access to my library of resources -- over 150 of them -- that will help you do everything from creating a quiz, sending a VIP offering invite and even asking for press coverage so if you ever have a question or a problem with your business, you’ll have the tool.

I know what you are thinking --- do I need to do this now? That list looks pretty good but I’m sure if I keep going in the direction I’m going and keep working on my worksheets, guides and classes, things will happen for me.


It’s easy to get caught up in DIY mode. You are right -- there are a lot of resources and guides out there and eventually you might have the clarity and focus to make this stuff happen.


What I’ve found though -- is that most of the people who come to me have exhausted their DIY options, have grown tired of the guru talk and systems and just want to build something that’s amazing and will work for them.


I’m sure you’ve felt that too. You just want to get this show on the road already and start getting results.


I get it.


That’s why The Brand Fix is all about getting you up and running quickly so you can start making money right away and not months (or even years) in the future when you are able to get around to getting all of that done --- if you do.


If you are reading this now it’s because you have a big idea and vision for your business and are struggling to pull it all together.


While you can DIY the marketing and maybe even some of the copy (to what will probably be mixed results) the thing that’s really hard to figure out on your own is the big brand idea.


It’s the brand -- that big profitable idea communicated effectively -- that will get you the best sellers list, get you on Oprah’s radar or stretch into the six or seven figure club.


Without it, best case scenario is that your brand makes money….sometimes but it’s not consistant because people aren’t passionate about the vision for your work.

Worst case scenario, you’ll be stuck launching things and creating offers that don’t sell and you’ll scramble to figure out why.

You’ll go to your mentors or buy product after product trying to troubleshoot and figure out what’s going on

You’ll get bandaids -- maybe your list will grow but it’s full of the wrong people ---

Perhaps you’ll make sales but it’s not the right people


But more often than not, without a brand you’ll get stuck in stalled out and have nothing to show for all that work you’ve been doing.


Not good.

Brand Fix takes care of all that for you. You’ll not only have a profitable core brand and big idea that INSPIRES people and encourages them to buy….but you’ll have the copy and the offerings to go with it.

Sounds amazing, right?

I’m taking all of the guesswork out of this business thing. You just show up and I’ll start to build the brand for you step-by-step.

Here is an extended list of everything you can leave our work with:

  • Your brand bible -- a go-to document that covers what your brand is, who you serve, what’s your hook and what your language should be

  • Homepage copy

  • About page copy

  • Sales page copy

  • New offerings for your business

  • New opt-in with landing page copy

  • A content plan (so you know what to write for the next 6 months)

  • A launch plan -- that outlines step-by-step what to do and email and create when

  • Launch emails written to launch your offer

  • New colors and styles for your site (if needed)


  • Not to mention --- a library of over 150 + digital resources you can access right away.



You get all of that for less than 1/4th of the typical big mastermind program out there and even better you’ll be getting personal attention and help every step of the way. You’ll be working directly with me and I’ll be the one to help edit and tweak your copy so it converts for your business.

Here is how the experience breaks down. We have 4 sessions --- 60-90 minutes each and here is what get's covered:

Session 1: Branding

Session 2: Offering

Session 3: Marketing + Execution 

Session 4: Business Set Up + More Execution

I design it this week so that EVERY WEEK you'll have something new to implement in your business right away. We won't just be talking. 

Every week we will build your brand and at the end you'll get 1-2 pages of in-depth notes, along with a recording and your assignments that we will be doing together. It's a get-it-done type of program. 

You will have to work, work, work. 


This experience is not for everyone --- Brand Fix is only good for you if ---

You love helping people and are passionate about your work -- you want to make good money but that’s not the only reason why you are here

You are willing to put in the work, you are not paying me to do everything for you -- you’ll have very specific homework assignments (I mean look at all the stuff you get up there) and you MUST commit to doing them

You know what you want to sell  -- I LOVE helping people get clear on their message but you have no clue what you want to do with your business --- this isn’t the right thing

You are ready to GET OUT THERE. This isn’t one of those 1-on-1s where we talk a bunch and none of the work gets implemented, we are going to get started right away.


This is for the business owner who is tired of the waiting around to figure things out -- hoping a blog post or a podcast will inspire them to move forward -- and instead wants the business right now.

I know that you are serious about your business and you are ready to get out of DIY mode and stop trying to figure everything out and cobble it all together.

You want a business -- you want to get your big amazing ideas out there and you are tired of spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.


Brand Fix will help you go from confused to having an actual brand in less than 6 weeks.