But... what do I call it?   

I work with business owners who want to go BIG with their business but are stuck because they struggle with naming and describing the work that they actually do. 

The truth is that you know a LOT about marketing and business building and to be honest, there are a lot of people who can help you if you need to know more. 

BUT! There aren't a lot of people who can help you with what I know you are really struggling with, which is: 

  • What do I name this thing so it gets attention and so people ACTUALLY want it so I can start DOING the work I really love 
  • How do I describe what I do without it sounded boring or like what everyone else is doing? 
  • How do I bring everything I do under a title that somehow makes sense?
  • How do I let the world know how COOL I AM? Why don't they get it?
  • What do I even CALL myself? I know it "doesn't matter" but it matters to me and to my parents. 

I do that by helping people like you define and articulate what makes them special and giving them the WOW message and killer name and taglines that will get people to stand up, take notice and opt-in. 

That's what this site is all about and I can't WAIT to help you get that idea OUT there. My motto? REPEAT IT WITH ME! 

Name It, Explain It, And Profit. 

You give the product a GREAT name and you explain it with a great message they can believe in and you'll profit.