I don’t have a business yet but I want to make a good start. Is this for me?

Maybe. The only exception I make for beginners are business owners who are very skilled and experienced in what they do at a job and want to do that SAME type of job with their own business. Otherwise, this offer is really for people who have a business and some growth but just need to clarify things so they don’t keep having endless starts and stall outs. If you'd like to turn this offer into a "start your business right" offering, fill out the application and we can talk about tha. 


What stage of business is this best for? Is it too soon?

It's never soon or too late to work on your brand, tbh. I do suggest knowing what you want to do (and being good at it) before you sign up. If you have no clue what you want to do, this isn't a good fit for you. 

 What if I want to talk about something else?

This retreat is for YOU. While my focus is all on getting you lots of clarity and focus, I’m qualified to answer questions about just about anything you might be wondering when it comes to business.


Are you gonna teach me marketing? I feel like I just need more people to know who I am and everything will be okay.

 I’ll give you a baseline content map and day-to-day marketing plan. My goal is to give you the “what” behind any of the strategies you might learn or the work you might do. Once our 1-on-1 adventure is over you’ll be able to easily implement any strategy you learn or see.You can’t do this WITHOUT the branding piece, though. That’s why it’s so important!


This is expensive! Will it be worth it?

It’s way more expensive to NOT do your branding. Entrepreneurs waste thousands of dollars on products, services and retreats designed to help them build their businesses but all that money is wasted if you don’t have a clear message and sellable offerings so that anything you do in your business will actually work.


Are we really going to be able to do this all in 1 day?

Yes! We are just taking what is a 6 week process and putting it all in 1 day. I know that you are busy and you don’t want to wait to start making money and transforming your brand and so I created this offer with that in mind. This WILL be intense (and fun) but by the end of the day, your business will be totally transformed and all of your questions will be answered. Imagine if all that could all happen in just 1 day? It can.


Do we do website design? Will this help me with my website?

One of your deliverables is a “look book” for your brand which will explore your colors, fonts and possible stylings for your new website. You’ll also get 5 design hours with my designer who can also craft some great pieces for your website and brand. You’ll have EVERYTHING you need to tweak your existing brand or pass it on to a designer.

Before working with Shenee, I had a million ideas but few concrete actions on how to support myself as an author and build a global healing consulting practice. Shenee gave me a vital map for the transition. I’ve worked with many business coaches and mentors, however Shenee offers something very unique—she understands the creatives mind, respects healing-based businesses and possesses a researcher perspective to help you translate what you do into concrete action steps. I followed the strategic road map she laid out for my business. The results: In a month after working with her, I secured my first $7,000 organizational client, tripled my email list and my e-book was downloaded over 20,000 times. Shenee is a strategic visionary and brand prophet, learn from her and your business with thrive.
— Jardana Peacock
Since our work together, my revenue has doubled. I also now have two brand new websites which resulted from the branding and copywriting work Shenee and I did together. These sites are gorgeous, clear, and cohesive. The students and clients I attract more are also the “right” ones—ones who genuinely commit to our work together and benefit both personally and professionally. I’m also more confident to put myself out there to attract more speaking and media opportunities, since now I know that when someone visits my site, they’ll know exactly who I am, what I do, and how I can bring value to their audience

Shenee is great at helping people get focused on who they are as an entrepreneur, and who they serve. She’s also great at telling it like it is—if something’s not clear or is communicated in a way that doesn’t show value or benefit to a potential customer, she’ll tell you and also help you fix it. She goes way above and beyond with her own level of service and attention—and I also love how transparent she is about her own process. She’s great at helping to sift through brainstormed ideas, and prioritize what will sell now, and is also fantastic at strategizing funnels and campaigns.

— Rachael Pontillo, Holistically Haute
As a business owner, often the things we do for others we have a hard time doing for ourselves. That was the case when I reached out to Shenee. I was feeling the pull to make a big shift in my business, but I was unsure of exactly what that would look like and how it would take shape. Working with Shenee was a breath of fresh air. She pushed me to get specific about my new offering, Future You, helping to narrow my ideas and ultimately lay the groundwork for this next step in my business.

— Amanda Dennely Design