Is This You?

  • You do amazing work and people LOVE you but the bank account doesn't show that and it's frustrating you to NO end 
  • The people who work with you get GREAT results and the referrals trickle in but you have to work REALLY hard for every sale and it's KILLING you 
  • Your copy sounds like a less cool version of your awesome self but you have no clue how to fix it 
  • People respond with excitement but a little confusion when you talk about the work you do

You got BRAND issues, my friend and you are in the RIGHT place. 

What IS A BRAND? Is it colors and fonts and things? NOPE. 

A brand is how people see YOU and your brand. It's what they think about when they think about your brand. When they have a problem YOU become the solution. 

When you think of yoga pants...what comes to mind?

When you think about fast food....what comes first?


So let's get started.