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The Brand Bomb Intensive

For business owners who need help making their business stand out but are too busy to DIY it. You just want it yesterday. 

"I'm doing pretty good but I don't feel like any of my offers have that "wow" factor. My work is AWESOME but it seems just blah from the outside. I don't feel like I have a LOT of clarity on what I do " 

The Name It + Profit Intensive is a 1 day naming and branding immersion. In just one day I'll go in and name and brand all of the products and services in your business and by the end of 2 weeks you'll have a homepage that reflects that awesomeness too. You'll get clear on your mission and point-of-view too.


Name It + Explain It Incubator

For the business owner who has something great but it doesn't sell the way it should 

"I'm REALLY good and I have awesome ideas but it feels like I'm not getting good results! I feel like everything I do is SO HARD and I feel like I'm begging just to get people to pay attention. What do I have to DO?"

The Name It + Explain It Incubator is designed to help you get clarity on what you are creating and explain it. You put your idea in and it comes out with a name, a tagline, target market and everything you need to start making money from the work you are doing. 


1 Day = 1 Month Of Marketing

For the business owner who HATES MARKETING and has no clue what to write most of the time. 

"I sit down to write and PANIC. What do I write? What do I say? Am I going to bother people? What the heck am I doing? What in the world???"

The Launches For The Rest Of Us 1-Day workshop takes you through the process of building a perfect-for-you marketing plan from scratch -- even if you hate writing, have no clue what to write and hate social media. 


The 100 People Project

For the business owner who is SUPER stuck and just needs clarity. 

"What in god's name am I doing? where am i? what the heck do I want to do? i'm totally confused!"

Confused about your business? Not sure what you want to do? The 100 People Project is the PERFECT starting place for beginners who need help figuring it all out.

It's also a great approach for finding new clients, building your list and building your skills. Best part? These methods are TOTALLY free, my friend. No facebook ads required. 


I Want Shenee's Brain 

For the business owner who just needs a brain on her brand and needs someone to chat through some stuff. 


Just need someone to tell you what the heck to do next? Rent my brain! Things I can help you with:

  • Help! Is my brand racist and I don't know it? 
  • Why isn't this working?
  • What should I create? 
  • What should I do next? 
  • How should I release this?
  • What do you think of my website? 

It's $500 for 75 Minutes and you can sign up for it by clicking below and buying it! Once you sign up you'll get my scheduler and you can book.