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I help business owners become simply profitable.

Less hustle. More profits. 


I help creatives make a great living doing the work they want to do. 

Choose Your Own Adventure! 


Name It

You need help naming your products, branding yourself, and figuring out how to make the work you do sound interesting.


Explain It

People love you but they don't buy and you need to figure out why and how to fix it so you aren't spinning in circles. 



You are really struggling with marketing and sales. You want to make consistent income doing work you are great at.  


Hi, I'm Shenee!

I help creative people make money doing great work. I get you! I AM YOU! I know that you struggle to figure out how to make your intangibles sellable. I know that you can't figure out why people LOVE the work you do but it's so hard to sell. I know that you want to be able to make money but not in a swarmy and sleazy way. I'm here to help!