Branding and Copywriting For Woo Bosses


I make the intangible sellable

Brand strategy and copywriting guidance for woo bosses who want to make a big impact.


Which one best describes where you are right now? 

I'm struggling to START. I've been wanting to be in business for a while but can't seem to GO. 


I'm struggling to describe what I do so that people want to pay for it! ARGH!   


I need inspiration! Will people ACTUALLY pay me to do the work I want to do?


Hi, I'm Shenee!

I help make the intangible sellable. If you are an energy healer, rieki master, coach, counselor, yoga teacher, mentor or any type of light-worker who struggles to make an ACTUAL living doing what you want, I'm here to help you out. I know it feels like money is ONLY available to the business coaches out there but I know that through laser-focused branding and clear messaging, you can sell your next big thing. 


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